5.20,the love in chinese day

May 20, 2020

At the beginning of the 21st century, the Internet world has quietly emerged a network holiday spontaneously organized by hundreds of millions of Internet users - online valentine's day. This is the virtual network world's first fixed holiday, set on May 20 and May 21 each year, because "520" and "521" homonym is "I love you". 520 say love you with rose

Depending on whether the words "0" and "1" are near or pictographic, 520 is mainly a holiday for women, while 521 is mainly a holiday for men. Men can choose May 20 to the wife, girlfriend or favorite goddess confession "520"(I love you), May 21 this day is the day to determine the answer, the woman who was touched to remember to husband, boyfriend or the god of the heart reply "521" means (I am willing, I love you). As a result, online valentine's day, which falls on May 20 and 21 each year, has become an auspicious day for couples to get married and hold a grand wedding banquet.

520 is a special day

The affectionate "I love you"

How can you not get tired of listening

On this special day

Brave say love

Maybe you are not a very expressive person

520, is a suitable day for confession

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