Congratulation on mother's day

May 13, 2019

On May 9, 1906,


The mother of miss Anna jarvis has died.


She was overcome with grief.


In the second year,


Miss Anna organized a memorial service for her mother,


She thinks it should be made available to more people as soon as possible


To express our gratitude to each other's loving mother.


To this end, she lobbied everywhere, called for the establishment of mother's day,


Let everybody more can realize the greatness of maternal love.



On May 10, 1913, the house and senate passed a resolution,


Signed by President Wilson,


It is decided that the second Sunday in May every year is mother's day.


The significance of the festival has gradually been recognized around the world.



China has observed mother's day since 1988.


At the beginning, it was organized by women's federations at all levels.


It gradually became a spontaneous festival.


Despite the cultural differences,


Anna, the mother of mother's day, probably felt it too


"The tree wants calm but the wind does not stop, the child wants to raise but the close does not" the same pain and the regret.



China is a filial country.


Filial piety has become a meme in China,


Also always know to filial piety as soon as possible.


And the significance of mother's day,


Is to remind the modern people who are busy with struggle,


Don't neglect the care and love for your mother.


It also reminds young mothers,


While I am busy with my family and career,


Also want to caress his health.


In fact, for all mothers,


The last thing they need is a gift from their children,


Because children are the greatest gift that god gives them.


But for the children,


In addition to the love for my mother,


Health is perhaps the greatest gift that children can give their mothers.


Mother's health,

Is the children's greatest happiness!


Take advantage of this mother's day, send some healthy daily necessities to mother,


Practical and warm, let her use something good every day.


Many people around the easy to ignore her mother's period


(the mother is generally 45 to 55 years old, menopause means aging),


In fact, this needs to be more concerned,


The day that mother USES sanitary napkin begins to count down,


Let the soft comfort accompany her every time