eyeshu welcomes cooperative orders from Indian e-commerce buyers

August 2, 2019

Sunshine and colorful in August, the good thing is yueyue shu for Indian customers multinational procurement of foreign trade the first single, the cooperation after one month, Indian customers to cooperate with us platform appropriate chooses technology company gold hand contact miss cui plan around 20 July visit to the factory visit, our company according to the Indian customers receive custom, we have prepared fruit drinks, local national flag in the conference room, put the client visit 4 days time, directly take samples proofing nuclear price, ministry of foreign trade company, the production department, purchasing department, documentary department personnel dispatched to reception and material comparison and analysis, according to the requirements of customers In the afternoon, I also took customers to visit the laboratory for product quality inspection


Give us the surprise was the visiting Indian customers in the local is very powerful, and they have set up their own APP in India electric business community platform, online ordering goods service for the local market, in customer in Shanghai 4 days for the customer in a timely manner in accordance with the demand of our play 2 samples for customer choice, finally customers chose us new samples and playing down the first order, the whole process is smooth, the cooperation also get the company leadership support and attention, looking forward to the future we can have more long-term cooperation!