International day of happiness

March 19, 2019

International day of happiness

On June 28, 2012,The United Nations has designated March 20 as the international day of happiness.

The pursuit of happiness is one of the cardinal goals of man,

Happiness and well-being are universal goals and aspirations in human life around the world.

If I ask you what is happiness?

It can be hard to answer for a moment.

What exactly is happiness?

Some people think that happiness can't be seen or touched,

It seemed ethereal.

We all wish we were happier,

In fact, happiness is you happy, someone to share with you!

When you're sick, someone takes care of you!

You are cold, someone hold you!

You cry, someone to comfort you!

You wrong, someone tolerate you!

You are tired, someone loves you!

You are poor, you are followed!

You old, someone with you! ...

Happiness is not how many people you can control,

But how many people around you!

Happiness is not how much you drive,

It's that you get home safe in your car!

Happiness is not good food or good clothes,

But no disease no disaster! ...

Happiness is actually very simple,

Learn to take pleasure in the small things!

Every day do not refuse the gift of nature and unknown surprise!

They are small lucky and happy in life!

Is the heart of tolerance and satisfaction!

Is the life of Thanksgiving and cherish!

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