Love to make women more healthy, greet the international goddess festival!

March 9, 2019

Love to make women more healthy, greet the international goddess festival!

"If there were no women in the world, the world would lose at least five tenths of truth, six tenths of goodness and seven tenths of beauty. Yes, this world is because of a woman, a mother, a mother's love, so bright and beautiful, colorful.

"By BingXin


Women's day, also known as the international working women's day, is also known as the "international women's day" in China, "38" and "38 women's day", it is the world women strive for peace, equality and development of the festival, the world because of women and beautiful, life because of women and perfect! Woman, first love yourself, then love others.

Love to make women more healthy is yueyue shu company brand culture


Yueyue shu "sanitary napkin is the key product of henan wanxi pharmaceutical co., LTD. It is the sister product of the famous Chinese medicine brand" yueyue shu "dysmenorrhea bao granule. It adopts 6 kinds of herbal essence, and exclusively develops the herbal essence nursing sanitary napkin, creating the first sanitary napkin in China to relieve women's dysmenorrhea.

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Company activities:

After the new international station is launched, for the first time, we will give a fine gift of 150-800 us dollars to customers with a container over 20 feet long

The activity period is from March 9 to March 30


Company profile:

Shanghai month shu women supplies co., LTD., founded in 1995, is located in the back garden of the international metropolis - Shanghai sheshan national tourist resort, the factory covers an area of 45000 ㎡, the air is fresh, pleasant environment, convenient transportation. Henan wanxi pharmaceutical group, a solid economic pillar of the company as the main investment body, to the national major medical, health and scientific research departments as the backing of science and technology, the main production and operation of "yueyue shu" brand female health products and "flower" brand household paper, is committed to women's health cause of modern enterprises.

Women's health supplies, "shu" is its brand "shu" month dysmenorrhea sister treasure grain products, the company best imported raw materials, the pursuit of scientific and reasonable product design, strict production quality, the use of advanced quality control in the whole process of the system, in order to keep improving every day, every piece of customer satisfaction for the production target, ensure that provides consumers with safe, rest assured health products. The company successfully passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification in 2002, providing conditions for the company to carry out more scientific and strict quality management.

The company will uphold the "care women's life, protect women's health" purpose, to provide women with more healthy, more confident, more comfortable, a better life. In order to revitalize national enterprises as its own responsibility, in order to meet customer demand as the guide, the pursuit of scientific management, accelerate product upgrading, and strive to establish a Chinese brand into the international market!