The new arrival gives you a different surprise!

July 13, 2019

The new arrival gives you a different surprise

Girls on special days

Always want to get more care and love,

Always hope to get love or family care,

But what kind of love

Are not as good as a sanitary napkin care to the reality.

Good products can make you

In a special day to enjoy the most special love.

On every special night, are your dreams disturbed?

Side leak, back leak, no sense of security!

Starting from the most practical needs of women,

Do every detail well,

Can really give consumers the most different surprise.

Now it's special

"Cloud muscle sense 360mm", "warm diary 360mm"

Comfortable pants are also being upgraded,

Launched "comfortable pants 2 pieces to install" "comfortable pants 4 pieces to install" new products.

Cloud muscle sense of 360 mm

Non-inductive thin 0.1cm,

Light and breathable, super absorbent;

360mm long body towel,

Especially suitable for summer night use!

Warm diary 360mm

Warm diary girl flower yan series

Six flavor herbal essence, alleviate cold pain!

Warm conditioning, especially suitable for dysmenorrhea girls!

360mm body towel, ultra-long protection!

Comfortable pants 2 pieces

New upgrade, give you a different experience!

360° wraps the hips, perfectly fitting;

No matter how you move, you don't worry about side leaks.

Super elasticity, waist can freely expand and contract, elastic super comfortable!

Tumble not afraid of leakage, sweet sleep all night!

Lace, like a cute pair of panties!

Full girl heart!

Comfortable pants in 4 pieces

Large package, more affordable!

Hot summer day,

Period, stay at home,

Wear a night dress with comfortable pants underneath,

Can also be very relaxed, comfortable, comfortable!

It can be used day or night!


Pre-emptive experience of new products

Special nights

Are you surrounded by "fear of turning over" and "insecurity"?

Leave a message saying how you feel,

We'll take a look at the comments from our fans,

Randomly select 3 people to present a pack of "comfortable pants with 2 pieces".

Deadline: 15:00 PM, July 16, 2019